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The Mechanism of Selenite Uptake by Rice Uncovered (2013-12-18)
Role of Tomato Lipoxygenase D in Wound-induced Jasmonate Biosynthesis and Plant Immunity to Insect Herbivores (2013-12-16)
The Mechanism of Selenite Uptake by Rice Uncovered (2013-11-21)
Cytokinin-regulated Root Xylem Development in Arabidopsis (2013-11-05)
Scientists Reveal the Structural Basis for Formation of the Arabidopsis FLS2-flg22-BAK1 Immune Receptor Com... (2013-11-04)
A Receptor-like Kinase Gene OsSIK2 Promotes Salt Tolerance in Rice (2013-10-24)
Synaptic Mutant Huntingtin Inhibits Synapsin-1 Phosphorylation and Causes Neurological Symptoms (2013-10-16)
BC1 Is a Critical Component for Cellulose Assembly (2013-08-27)
Insight of ABI4 in Seed Dormancy Control (2013-06-26)
Scientists Discover the Molecular Mechanisms of Plant Phototropic Response (2013-06-17)
B3 Domain Transcriptional Repressor Regulates Rice Germination (2013-04-28)
Plants Employ an “Activation by Destruction” Mechanism to Regulate Immune Responses (2013-04-09)
Scientists Discover a Novel Mechanism for Cargo Release by the Retrograde Motor Dynein/Dynactin (2013-03-25)
Whole-Genome Sequencing of Oryza brachyantha Reveals Mechanisms Underlying Oryza Genome Evolu... (2013-03-19)
Scientists Discover New gene for Enhancing Rice Grain Production (2013-02-22)
The Establishment of a Plant Specific in vitro Ubiquitination Analysis System (2013-02-04)
Control of Transposon Activity by a Histone H3K4 Demethylase in Rice (2013-01-17)
BRK1 is Required for Correcting Merotelic Attachment during Metaphase I of Rice Meiosis (2013-01-04)
Arabidopsis DOF4.2 and DOF4.4 Regulate Branching and Seed/Silique Development (2012-11-09)
Discovery of an microRNA Involves in Heart Failure Development (2012-10-11)
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