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Wide Adaptability, Multiple Resistances, High and Steady Yield New Winter Wheat Ultivar - Han 6172

Han 6172 (Reg. No. GUOSHENMAI 2003036) is a new winter wheat cultivar which has wide adaptability, multiple resistances, high and steady yield. Owing to above sigfinacnt good traits, it is registered in Hebei, Shan’xi, Shanxi, Anhui, Jiangsu Henan, Shandong provinces and the national Northern and Southern Huanghuai Plain. Now it is planted widely at above areas.

Han 6172 is semi-winter, medium maturation and tight plant type characteristics wheat cultivar. Juvenile plant growth of Han 6172 is semi-erect and plant color at booting is green and anthers are yellow. It has strong straw, a high percentage of winter survival. It is 75cm tall and the flag leaf is erecting, not twist. Its spikes are spindle and longer, awned. It is rapid grain-filling during kernel development and yellow at maturity. Seeds are ovate, cheeks are rounded and kernel weight is 42 mg.

Han 6172 is high tolerance to the drought, cold and widely adaptability. In addition,the test of resistance shown that it has good resistance to stripe rust, leaf rust, powdery mildew and other diseases.

The results of milling evaluated revealed that Han 6172 content of the protein is 13.84% , wet gluten is 30.4% ,sedimentation value is 27.9mL, stabilization time is 3.3 minutes and reach the standard of medium degree of wheat gluten.