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‘Green Revolution’ Crops Bred to Slash Fertilizer Use   (2018-08-19)
UK Minister Mark Field Visits CEPAMS in Beijing   (2018-07-24)
CEPAMS Annual Symposium 2018 Held in Beijng, China   (2018-03-16)
IGDB-Pioneer Hi-Bred Workshop 2018 Held in Beijing   (2018-03-12)
2017 CEPAMS Annual Symposium Was Held in Norwich, UK   (2017-04-06)
Sino-Swiss Organic Agriculture Research Center (SSOARC) Was Est...   (2017-03-25)
IGDB-Pioneer Hi-Bred Workshop 2017 Held in Beijing   (2017-03-01)
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N6-methyladenosine mRNA Modification Enhances Long-term Memory Formation   (2018-10-12)
Accelerated Domestication of Wild Tomato Promotes Development of New Crops   (2018-10-03)
IGDB Researchers Develop Highly Efficient Plant C-to-T Base Editing Using Human APOBEC3A Deaminase   (2018-10-02)
A Seed Dormancy Gene Undergoes Parallel Selection in Multiple Crops   (2018-09-21)
Reduced Intrinsic DNA Curvature Leads to Increased Mutation Rate   (2018-09-19)
Cell-to-cell Heterogeneity in DNA Methylation Is Accessible from Bulk   (2018-09-13)
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