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CEPAMS Annual Symposium 2018 Held in Beijng, China   (2018-03-16)
IGDB-Pioneer Hi-Bred Workshop 2018 Held in Beijing   (2018-03-12)
2017 CEPAMS Annual Symposium Was Held in Norwich, UK   (2017-04-06)
Sino-Swiss Organic Agriculture Research Center (SSOARC) Was Est...   (2017-03-25)
IGDB-Pioneer Hi-Bred Workshop 2017 Held in Beijing   (2017-03-01)
New Centre for China-UK Collaboration Launched in Beijing   (2016-11-04)
Launch of Shanghai Laboratory Bolsters UK-China Scientific Coll...   (2016-09-26)
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How Auxin Regulates Ethylene Response at Signaling Level Is Revealed   (2018-04-10)
IGDB Scientists Review the Genetic Regulation of Shoot Architecture   (2018-04-09)
Pre-rRNA Processing in Rice involves Two Co-existing Pathways and Responds to Chilling Stress   (2018-04-09)
The dmc1 Promoter for Cas9 Generates High-efficiency Genome Editing in Maize   (2018-03-28)
Plant Receptor Kinases Activate Heterotrimeric G Protein in Novel Way   (2018-03-28)
The Natural Variation at the OsMADS1 Locus Simultaneously Improves Grain Yield and Quality in Rice   (2018-03-23)
Recent Publications + more